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🎓 Students & Future Talents: Are you dreaming of a vibrant career in the Nordic tech and technology industries? Whether you're a student in the Nordics or anywhere around the globe, here's your chance to connect with top-tier companies in the region.

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Why Join Nordics.Tech Education?

🌐 Global Exposure, Nordic Opportunities: Register and create your profile to get noticed by leading Nordic companies looking for fresh talent. From internships to thesis opportunities, open the door to a world of possibilities.

🔒 Your Profile, Your Choice: Choose to stay anonymous or showcase your profile openly. You're in control of your data and who sees it.

🚀 Internship & Employment Opportunities: Get contacted by companies with detailed information about internships, tasks, and compensation. Kickstart your career in the heart of the Nordic tech scene.

📚 Study in the Nordics: Discover bachelor's and master's programs offered in English within the Nordic countries. Benefit from world-class education and set the foundation for a prosperous career in the region.

Benefits for Students & Future Talents

🌟 Direct Company Interaction: No more waiting for university job fairs. Engage directly with companies interested in your skills and potential.

🌍 International Experience: For non-EU students, studying in the Nordics offers a unique blend of quality education and international exposure. Plus, you become a valuable asset to the region's future workforce.

💼 Seamless Transition: Study, intern, and work in the Nordics. Experience a smooth transition from academia to industry, all while contributing to the region's tech evolution.

For Universities & Educational Institutions

🔗 Collaborate with Nordics.Tech: We actively reach out to university departments, informing them about internship opportunities in the region. Encourage your students to register and expand their horizons.

💡 Attract Global Talent: Advertise your English-taught bachelor's and master's programs to a global audience. Non-EU students not only contribute to university revenues but also play a pivotal role in the future economy and workforce of the Nordic countries.

The Nordics are at the forefront of technological innovation. By connecting students, universities, and companies, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem that benefits all.

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