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Driving Into the Future - University of Oulu Merges 6G Tech with Autonomous Vehicles

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Advancing Autonomous Driving with 6G:

The University of Oulu, with its extensive experience in 6G research, embarks on a significant project titled "6G Visible". The endeavor aims to explore the potential and requirements of autonomous driving enabled by 6G technology, primarily focusing on software development since autonomous vehicles fundamentally serve as robust software platforms. Led by the M3S research unit, one of Europe's prominent groups specializing in software, this initiative is part of Business Finland’s 6G Bridge program, with funding extending until May 2026.

Interdisciplinary Approach and Goals:

Working collaboratively with the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the project strives to enhance autonomous driving through advanced data integration and efficient communication solutions. By synthesizing data from various traffic-related sources beyond a vehicle's sensors, the team intends to facilitate driver assistance, remote public transport control, and ultimately, full autonomous driving capabilities. The research’s outcomes are envisioned to support the Finnish automotive and transport sector, offering practical, intelligent traffic use cases for software development and testing.

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