Decoding the Value Creation in Emerging Technologies with Gulnar Nussipova

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The rapidly evolving landscape of emerging technologies, from AI to VR, holds tremendous potential. Yet, navigating their true value can be a challenge. Gulnar Nussipova, with her recent thesis at the Stockholm Business School, offers a compelling deep dive into this very domain.

Gulnar's research underscores the pivotal role of continuous collaboration between businesses and customers. Forget the traditional one-time engagement model; the future lies in dynamic, real-time interaction. It's all about a three-pronged strategy: Experimentation, Communication, and Knowledge Brokering.

Experimentation demystifies technology, allowing stakeholders to test, experience, and understand its scope. Continuous dialogue, through communication, ensures that businesses remain agile, adapting to market shifts and fresh opportunities. And in this mix, knowledge brokers emerge as the catalysts, enhancing collaboration and information flow.

Nussipova's findings are more than just academic; they're a roadmap for businesses to harness the true potential of the next big tech. It's time we evolve our strategies to match the pace of technological innovation.

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