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CONVERGENCE at Tampere University: A Year of Trailblazing Human-Machine Research

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In 2022, Tampere University introduced an innovative research initiative, CONVERGENCE, to explore the intricate dynamics between humans and machines. Funded generously by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation, this endeavor has wrapped up its inaugural year with noteworthy achievements.

Bridging disciplines, CONVERGENCE dives deep into areas like AI, affective computing, gamification, and augmented reality. Under the keen leadership of Professor Juho Hamari, the program has already made strides in understanding how technology and humanity are entwined in our evolving world.

Over the year, 16 enthusiastic young researchers have joined this multidisciplinary voyage. Their projects reflect the essence of CONVERGENCE, emphasizing a symbiotic relationship between technological advancements and societal needs.

CONVERGENCE isn't just about academic pursuit; it's also about practical applications. Collaborations with industry stakeholders ensure that the research is rooted in real-world challenges and solutions.

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