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Cint - Pioneering Insights through Cutting-edge Tech


Cint, born in the innovation-rich environment of Sweden, is a global platform that harnesses the power of technology to garner insights from individuals. Driving intelligent decisions and impactful market strategies, Cint is a crucial player in the insight industry, enabling businesses to understand the pulse of the market and their audience.

Cint was founded in 1998 in Stockholm. Our rapidly growing workforce spans 18 global offices.

Lucid (acquired by Cint) was founded in 2010 as a programmatic research technology platform.

GapFish (acquired by Cint) was founded in 2012 as a provider for digital market research in the German-speaking world.

P2Sample (acquired by Cint), founded in 2010 in the US, was a supplier of market research samples for companies.

Mastering Insight Gathering: 

With a relentless commitment to technological innovation, Cint has redefined the way businesses gather and interpret data. Their platform acts as a bridge connecting businesses with individuals willing to share insights, making data collection efficient, accurate, and highly insightful.

Delivering Value Through Technology: 

Cint offers an ecosystem of solutions designed to streamline the process of data gathering and insight generation. Their platform is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution for businesses looking for reliable market insights to drive their strategies and decisions.

Key Offerings and Solutions:

  • Insight Exchange Platform: Facilitates the exchange of insights between businesses and individuals.
  • Automated Survey Solutions: Efficient and reliable survey tools that automate the process of data collection.
  • Advanced Analytics: Tools that empower businesses to analyze and derive meaningful conclusions from the data collected.

Sweden’s Tech Brilliance Shining Globally: 

While its origin is Swedish, Cint's influence and presence are truly global. With its commitment to delivering value through innovative solutions, it has etched its mark as a leader in the insights industry across the world.


As a platform that makes the voice of the market accessible and understandable, Cint is more than just a tech company. It's an enabler of intelligent business strategies, a facilitator of informed decisions, and a contributor to market dynamism and competitiveness.

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