Boosting Climate Resilience Across Borders: SDU's EU-Funded Initiatives for the Danish/German Region

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The EU's Interreg program has awarded the SDU Climate Cluster a substantial grant of DKK 43 million to bolster climate resilience in the Danish/German border region. This funding underscores the need for collaborative and innovative approaches to tackle the challenges of climate change, which knows no borders.

SDU Climate Cluster's initiatives are centered around two key projects, ClimatePol and Poseidon, both designed to address the pressing issue of climate adaptation and mitigation in a region that is increasingly vulnerable to climate extremes.

ClimatePol: Mapping and Action

The ClimatePol project is an ambitious endeavor that combines scientific research with practical action. Led by Professor Sebastian Mernild, the project aims to map historical and future climate changes, from 1850 to 2100. It seeks to understand the regional institutional drivers and barriers to effective climate change response.

A crucial aspect of ClimatePol is its focus on microclimate initiatives in both Danish and German municipalities. These initiatives will tackle challenges like rainwater management and coastal flooding, with an eye on the socio-economic impacts. The project will culminate in the creation of a handbook, toolkit, and the establishment of a cross-border climate alliance, aiming to boost political awareness and action.

Poseidon: Practical Solutions for Water-Related Challenges

Poseidon addresses the current lack of warning systems, digital solutions, and effective climate adaptation measures for water-related climate changes, including floods, droughts, and rising water levels.

The project's objective is to protect citizens, infrastructure, and buildings from these threats. It involves developing and testing practical climate adaptation solutions and sharing knowledge through a cross-border water network. These solutions, focusing on nature-based and technical adaptations, will be trialed at pilot sites and based on the innovation needs assessment in the program region.

Collaborative Impact

Both projects underscore the importance of cross-border collaboration in addressing climate change. By bringing together expertise, resources, and innovative thinking, SDU Climate Cluster aims to develop strategies and solutions that are not only locally relevant but also have broader applicability.

The emphasis on involving stakeholders, from politicians to business leaders, in ClimatePol, and the practical, on-the-ground solutions in Poseidon, reflect a comprehensive approach to climate resilience. This includes leveraging artificial intelligence and hydraulic models for better climate adaptation planning and execution.

Concluding Insights:

SDU Climate Cluster's initiatives, supported by the EU Interreg program, are a testament to the growing recognition that climate change requires cooperative, innovative, and multifaceted responses. The projects ClimatePol and Poseidon are set to be game-changers in the way the Danish/German border region adapts to and mitigates the impacts of a changing climate.

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