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Biomedicine alumna Ioanna wants to crack the cancer code

KI alumna Ioanna Tsea

Ioanna Tsea, a Biomedicine alumna of Karolinska Institutet, was inspired to pursue a career in cancer research after completing her Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences in the UK. She chose KI for its research-intensive environment and world-leading scientists in the field. During her Master's program, she thrived in the diverse community, collaborating with classmates who shared her passion but had different approaches. She felt valued and respected in her research group and is now preparing to start her Ph.D. at KI. Ioanna emphasizes the importance of being proactive, ambitious, and open to change while pursuing academic goals. She aspires to establish her own lab and contribute to cancer research. Her Master's experience at KI provided her with invaluable skills and prepared her for the expectations of a Ph.D. student.