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Bioentrepreneurship alumna Camilla steps outside her comfort zone to drive innovation

KI alumna Camilla Tran Photo: private

Camilla Tran, an alumna of the Master's Programme in Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska Institutet (KI), shares her journey of stepping outside her comfort zone to drive innovation. Camilla initially pursued a joint Bachelor's degree in Biosciences and Nutrition from KI and Stockholm University, which focused on medical and clinical nutrition with a research-oriented approach. However, she realized that research was not where she saw herself in the long run and wanted to explore opportunities at the intersection of science, business, and innovation.

Discovering the Bioentrepreneurship program at KI was like finding the perfect fit for Camilla. The program combined science and business, enabling students to commercialize ideas, products, and solutions within the life science industry. She appreciated the diversity of her classmates, who came from various backgrounds and fields of expertise, leading to a rich learning experience that broadened their horizons and enhanced their innovative thinking.

Camilla's time at KI was professionally rewarding, and she emphasizes the importance of networking and seizing opportunities such as lectures, internships, and group work to explore her capabilities and interests. After graduation, she found employment at CGI, an IT and management consulting firm, where she worked in the eHealth domain, contributing to the future of healthcare through technology.

She later joined Ericsson, where she worked in innovation enablement within their internal incubator or venture studio called Ericsson ONE. In this role, she focused on building new businesses and emerging technologies by supporting internal employees with their ideas. Camilla found great fulfillment in her job, particularly because it pushed her outside her comfort zone, leading to personal growth.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Camilla continues to connect with new people and engage in stimulating conversations. She credits the Bioentrepreneurship program for equipping her with problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and the ability to make fact-based decisions.

Camilla's advice to students is to take the time to explore the market, understand industry needs, and identify how they can contribute. Confidence, hunger for learning, and sharing unique perspectives are key when entering the job market. She also encourages students to ask questions along the way and emphasizes the importance of continuous exploration, learning, and personal growth.

Camilla draws inspiration from her background as a competitive swimmer and swim coach, which instilled discipline, resilience, and leadership skills. She applies these experiences in her current role, aiming to be part of a company with strong values and a vision to contribute to making the world a better place.