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BICO - Crafting Life-Saving Treatments for the Future



Originating from the innovation hub of Sweden, BICO strides confidently into the healthcare future, wielding its ground-breaking technologies to reduce the global organ shortage and accelerate drug development. The company is not just a participant but a dynamic force in creating life-saving treatments and facilitating organ transplants worldwide.

A Vision of Life Preservation: 

With a profound understanding of the intricate challenges posed by organ shortages and the snail-paced drug development processes, BICO's approach is holistic. They endeavour to make organ transplants more accessible while ensuring that drug development is expedited, saving lives more efficiently and effectively.

Bridging Gaps with Innovation: 

BICO is not merely about technology; it’s a beacon of hope, leveraging innovative solutions to bridge the gaps in organ transplants and drug development. With a deep commitment to life and health, the company brings forth solutions that are not just reactive but also preventive and proactive.

Key Offerings and Solutions:

  • Organ Shortage Reduction: Through innovative solutions and technologies, BICO actively contributes to reducing the organ shortage, making transplants accessible and timely for those in need.
  • Accelerated Drug Development: BICO's technology significantly speeds up the drug development process, ensuring that life-saving treatments reach patients quicker.
  • Future-Oriented Healthcare Solutions: With a finger on the pulse of healthcare needs, BICO develops solutions that are not just relevant today but also prepared for tomorrow's challenges.

Commitment Beyond Borders: 

While BICO is rooted in Swedish innovation, its commitment and impact are undoubtedly global. The company’s endeavors resonate across borders, bringing hope and tangible solutions to healthcare professionals and patients alike.


BICO is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, with a relentless commitment to life, health, and the future of medical treatment. Their ongoing journey is a testament to the power of technology, innovation, and vision combined, crafting a future where life-saving treatments and organ transplants are timely, accessible, and efficient.

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