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BI Research Spotlighted in Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences Acknowledgment

Ingrid Huitfeldt. Photo:

The global academic community was abuzz when the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences recognized Harvard University's Claudia Goldin for her groundbreaking work on women's labor market outcomes. The announcement held special significance for BI Norwegian Business School. A study led by BI’s Assistant Professor Ingrid Huitfeldt, delving into the impact of parenthood on gender disparities in the labor market, was highlighted by the Nobel committee.

Goldin's seminal contributions provided unparalleled insights into women’s earnings and labor market dynamics, shedding light on the existing gender gap's root causes. In a closely related domain, Huitfeldt's work underscored the complexities surrounding the influence of child-rearing on earnings. While her research is ongoing, early indications suggest traditional estimation methods might offer skewed interpretations, warranting more in-depth, unbiased evaluations.

The mention of BI's research in such a prestigious context underscores the institution's academic prowess on a global scale. Tommy Sveen, Head of BI’s Department of Economics, rightly sees this as a testament to the institution's impact and reputation in the international research realm.

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