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Arctic Exploration through Humanities: UiT's New Initiative

The directors of UB, Johanne Raade and UMAK, Lena Aarekol, rector Dag Rune Olsen and dean of HSL faculty Anne Britt Flemmen are creating a new center for arctic humanities at UiT. Photo: DAVID JENSEN

In an era where the Arctic region is increasingly at the forefront of global discussions, UiT The Arctic University of Norway has taken a strategic step by inaugurating the Center for Arctic Humanities (ArcHum). This virtual center isn't just an academic pursuit; it's a beacon for the future.

Initiated by several significant faculties, including the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, the museum, and the university library, ArcHum aims to spotlight the potent humanistic expertise present at UiT. With a keen emphasis on pertinent global challenges such as climate change, sustainability, and indigenous concerns, the center seeks to foster innovation and creativity in Arctic humanities.

Lilli Mittner, the newly-appointed academic coordinator, will work alongside a multifaceted team, ensuring interdisciplinary collaborations within the university and beyond. Their ultimate vision? To solidify UiT’s position on the global stage, focusing on challenge-driven research, and strengthening collaborations across the Arctic. As we step into 2024, it's evident that UiT is not only embracing its social mission but also setting a precedent for academic institutions globally.

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