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A new centre for green transition and marine ecology opens at Aarhus University

In the future, many wind farms will be built at sea to strengthen alternative energy and the goal of using less fossil fuel. Photo: Vattenfall ©

The Centre for Green Transition and Marine Ecology has been established by the Department of Ecoscience at Aarhus University to provide consultancy and advice on the impact of offshore wind turbines on marine ecosystems. As the number of offshore wind turbines is set to increase significantly to meet the demand for renewable energy, it is important to ensure that the green transition does not harm nature and biodiversity. The new center will bring together the strongest competencies in marine ecology and biodiversity research to provide comprehensive knowledge and guidance to decision-makers, authorities, energy companies, and other stakeholders. Jacob Nabe-Nielsen, an expert in marine biology and the combined effects of climate change and human disturbances, will serve as the Centre Director. The center's work is particularly important in light of recent funding for marine nature and Denmark's marine spatial plan.